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What to Sell on eBay

Getting Started

Sell your junk

"One man's junk is another man's treasure" as the saying goes.

You will be surprised what you can find in you own house to sell on eBay. Take a look in your attic, your shed and your closet. In fact have a look all over your house. You are bound to find things that you no longer need, to sell on eBay. Selling your old junk is a good way to get started and get some practice at selling on eBay.

It could be children's clothes and toys. Your kids may have grown up a lot since you bought these for them. You may even have toys that are very collectable if they are still in collectable condition. It may even be you childhood toys that you have clung on to for years.

Just about anyone can easily raise a £1,000 - £2,000 in this way.

Even you old faulty electronic gadgets will sell. In fact, the first thing eBay's founder sold on eBay was his faulty laser pointer. Of course, you will have to advertise as faulty but you will be surprised at the number of buyers looking for spare parts or gadgets to repair.


The Best Things to Sell on eBay

To have a really successful regular seller on eBay, there are a few types of things you should look to sell.

Have a look at eBay's categories to brainstorm ideas on what to sell, click on the link to see eBay's current categories:

Here are the 3 types of things you should look to sell:


eBay is renowned for collectable items. Classic comics, cabbage patch dolls, antiques, Elvis memorabilia, you name it - it's there.

Sentimental items carry with them the largest profit margins. When you're pulling in £100-200 profit margins or more, your volume doesn't have to be heavy to get where you need.

Consumable products

Selling any product that people buy over and over again makes the foundations of a successful long term business. To say there is a staggering potential for back end sales would be an understatement.

Fortunes have been made on eBay selling consumable products. In Adam Cohen's book: The Perfect Store: Inside eBay, he tells the story of a full time mom who started selling bubble wrap to other eBay sellers from a spare room in her house. Her business gradually took over her house. Eventually, she had to move the business into a warehouse as it grew rapidly.


An info-product can be easily be downloaded or sent via floppy disc or CD. It usually takes the form of an eBook or pdf document offering useful information on a particular subject.

It will take some patience and study to reap the rewards of selling information effectively. In the long run it will be worth the effort.

With selling physical products, you will find that you have to keep your own stock. This means tying money up in stock and taking the risk of stock becoming out-dated or simply not selling for the price you paid for it.

With your own information products, your inventory costs are laughably low. You markups are high. And, you can best harness the automation potential of selling on the internet.

Go with the proven winners. Look for the hottest selling information items on eBay. Change them a little, give them a title and put your name on it, then sell it.

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