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Save Time Listing and Selling on eBay

Turbo Lister

Turbo lister is a handy little program from eBay that helps you create your eBay listings on your own PC at home.

It includes tools to help you create attractive adverts quickly for listing on eBay. You can use your own html code or use the simple WYSIWYG wordprocessor like feature. A number of attractive templates and backgrounds are included and eBay regularly update them. Around Christmas time for example, you will get a lot of Christmas themed templates.

Once you have created your listings, they are stored permanently on your PC. The listings can then be uploaded quickly to eBay at any time you choose. This saves time creating the same listings over and over again using eBay's listing creation web pages. Using Turbo lister is also the only practical way of bulk listing loads of items at once.

In addition, each listing you create can be stored in an easy to understand set of folders which you create - useful if you have many different types of listings for many different products. Listings become much more manageable.

Listings can be scheduled to start and any time in the near future or started immediately.

It is completely free to download and use. Download it here now:


eBay Selling Manager

Upgrade to Selling Manager right away. There are 2 versions of Selling Manager, a standard and a Selling Manager Pro version. The standard version is free and gives you a number of invaluable tools for managing your sales.

Selling manager includes a number of e-mail templates for common eMails you are likely to send to your customers. You are also free to customize them and create your own.

There are quick re-listing tools to aid you in re-listing your items in bulk. In practice it means just ticking against a list of items and confirming it.

You can quickly leave appropriate feedback for your customers, with a set of standard feedback comments that you are free to edit and add to.

Selling Manager has tools to enable you to print invoices and despatch documents directly from your listings to save you having to create these yourself using a word processor or spreadsheet.

The selling page you see in your My eBay area will be enhanced too. There are a number of summary pages and sections so that you can easily see what listings are active, what has been sold, what has payments pending, what is paid and what you have despatched.


Selling Management Services and Software

If you intend to do some substantial trading online, and require more than the above free tools offer have a look at these sellers tools and service providers:

There's more to Andale than just the famous Andale Counters. They have a number of selling management tools catering for small to medium size business

Metro works supply selling management tools to eBay sellers. They cater for medium size business through to large trading enterprises, retailers and manufacturers.



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