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News Sites

National and International News

Google News
Home page displays headlines (with associated links) of the latest news stories sourced from a large number of news reporting sites around the world. There is a search facility which works in the same way as the standard Google search, but with an emphasis on news articles and sites. There are dedicated sections on: world news, national news (from the national editions of Google's site), Business News, Science and Technology, Sport, Entertainment and Health.

News Index
A dedicated news search engine. Search for the latest news stories from news web sites from all around the world.

BBC World
Web based version of the BBC world service. Site contains the latest general news stories reported by the BBC from all around the world.

News Center
Contains direct home page links to news sites from all around the world. The types of news sites include: Business Publications/News wires, Major Newspaper Business Sections/Magazines, Legal and Political news and government news sites.

Drudge Report
The homepage contains convenient links to some of the best news wire services around the world.


Local News

For local news stories, look for the sites run by your local news organisation's. A good place to find these sites is in the yahoo directory.

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