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The CIA World Factbook is a well established resource of geographical information on just about every country in the world. It was available before the introduction of the world wide web. Since moving on to the web it is now extremely easy to navigate. The whole of the world fact book section is free to use and a free complete download is available.

Now, the CIA World factbook is presented in static text and pictures format containing a mass of facts and figures. It's interesting enough just reading it. BUT - you may ask - Wouldn't it be even more interesting to be a able to have charts and diagrams to compare all the facts and figures? There is a site called which allows you to do just that!



To find out the current time and find out information about time, time keeping and other information related to time, try out Greenwich Mean Time. This is the home of over 100 web sites covering a wide range of subjects related to Greenwich and Time.


WiFi Access

If you like using accessing the internet on the move and have WiFi available on your laptop or handheld computer, the most definitive directory of public WiFi internet access hot spots can be found at WiFinder. It covers access for both the 802.11.b and 802.11g protocols. The scope of the site is global and contains information about hotspots in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia/New Zealand


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